Postkodelotteriets ambassadører deler vår overbevisning om at verden blir et bedre sted med sterke ideelle organisasjoner som arbeider for mennesker og miljø.

George Clooney

Skuespiller og menneskerettsaktivist

"I have never seen anything like the Postcode Lottery. It is saying: let’s all participate as a group and along the way do good. The fact that I can be involved in this is an honor.”

Sarah Brown

Grunnlegger og styreleder i Theirworld

“The Postcode Lotteries allow both players and charities to dream. Thank you for the support to Theirworld enabling our charity projects to reach many vulnerable children with their own dreams for a brighter future.”

Bill Clinton

Amerikansk president

The Postcode Lottery is the best thing I have ever seen to involve ordinary people in charitable work. A whole community can win and it must be a great feeling to be a part of it.”

Roger Federer


“I feel honored to be one of the international ambassadors of the Postcode Lottery. The support we receive for the Roger Federer Foundation is a privilege and motivation to further promote children’s good start into education.”

Ruud Gullit

Fotballproff fra Nederland

“The work of the Postcode Lotteries produces results for children everywhere in the world.”

Richard Branson

Entreprenør, forretningsmann og eventyrer

“I think the Postcode Lottery is a force for good. It is using its profits to make an enormous difference.”

Muhammad Yunus

Sosial entreprenør og fredsprisvinner

Charity is a wonderful concept; it really helps people who are suffering. But one shortcoming of charity is that every time you help out, you need a fresh amount of money.

Rafael Nadal

Spansk tennisproff

“I would like to thank the Postcode Lottery for lending its loyal support to all those good causes, including my own Rafa Nadal Foundation. Because of your help, many children will have a better future.”

Tony Blair

Britisk statsminister

“The great thing about the Postcode Lottery and the way it raises money is that this is one of the few things in life where you can have fun and do good at the same time. It’s a great fund-raising model.”

Katarina Witt

Olympisk mester i kunstløp

"I couldn’t think of a better way to use my popularity than to support charitable causes that help people. And being the ambassador of Deutsche Postcode Lotterie enables me to do just that. The combination of winning and giving - is there anything better than that? That’s why I’m very happy to join the Postcode Lottery family."

Emma Thompson

Skuespiller og aktivist

"When it comes to protecting human rights or saving the planet some civil disobedience is needed. It is fantastic the Postcode Lottery enables people and social organisations to act this way!"

Leonardo diCaprio

Skuespiller og miljøaktivist

"If we have more innovators like the Postcode Lottery, who raise a lot of money with which we can make a real, tangible difference, then we have a chance of turning the tide and protecting this beautiful planet."

 Jorun Stiansen

 Artist og ambassadør

“Bidraget fra Postkodelotteriet til organisasjoner som WWF og SOS gjør virkelig en stor forskjell. Hvert eneste lodd betyr noe for både mennesker og miljø, og derfor kan du også vinne med god samvittighet. Jeg er utrolig stolt av å være en del av dette unike lotteriet."

Tom Stiansen

Programleder og tidligere verdensmester i alpint

“Jeg synes hele konseptet er ordentlig bra. På verdensbasis har Postkodelotteriet utrettet utrolig mye for mange organisasjoner. At jeg får være med på det samme her i Norge synes jeg er veldig flott.”